xperTIME Incremental Xpresso looping

Download the example scene at xfiles

xperTIME is an Xpresso set up for
incremental looping of any parameter
connected to its output.
The idea is that it does an action
per set time span expressed in either
BPM, Seconds or Frames.
A optional VariTime parameter is included
re-map time.

The download (R12 and R13+)
is an example of a sorta clock
ticking 6 degrees at 60 BPM.


Download the plugin at xfiles.

v1.02 Update. Editor Render, Include Generator Objects.
v1.01 Update. Centre Error

splineBOOLE is a SplineGenerator that creates
a spline from the intersection of the two first objects
in its “Source” list. R13.061+

splineGLIDE updated for splineBOOLE

plaMATE v2

Download the plugin at xfiles.

Faster and more buttons!
Bake your Object hierarchy to a single
PLA object for greater playback speed
and/or prepare for export.
Please refer to the included README for more info.


Download the plugin at xfiles.

Keyframe selected objects
incl. PSR, KeyFrameselection,Userdata,
direct or copy.
Ideal for keyframing objects driven
by expressions. Camera mode for extracting
Cameras to Global space.
Please refer to the included README for more info.


Download the plugin at xfiles.

Update v3.03. Only a recompile for R15.057
and higher.

Update v3.02. Undo should work better,
Corrected error when Vray not installed.

Re-link material textures from selected
folder. Swapping hi-res <> lo-res,
repair broken links,
set Absolute <> Relative Paths.
A general texture management tool.
Please refer to the included README for more info.


Download the plugins at xfiles

tagTREATER & matMAKER are a re-release now compatible with R14.

tagTREATER lets you select a tag and affect all other tags of same type
in the scene (Select move etc.)

matMAKER (included in the tagTREATER files) lets you create multiple
texture tag(s) with new material(s) for selected objects.


Download xreTIME at xfiles

Update v1.11
Support for the excellent pCache!
Get pCache at: plugins4cinema4d.com

Update v1.10
Now additionally includes Tags, Materials, Xpresso Nodes, Post Effects.

xreTIME is a Tag to be used on an Object to re-time its animation.
Optionally controlling the animation of its children
and/or Objects in the “Slaves” list.

The term Animation here, is an Object that, in order:
– Carries a MoCache Tag
– Carries a PointCache Tag
– Is a XRef Object R14 set to Generator Mode
– Is a Legacy Xref Object R13/14
– Is an Alembic Object including any subframes.
Note, an Alembic file should have recorded Subframes to give a slowmo effect.
– Is KeyFramed incl. PLA animations
– and additionally in the “Slaves” field,
another xreTIME Tag, Mo- and Point Cache Tags can be placed and controlled
as well as Key Framed Objects, Tags, Xpresso Nodes, Post Effects.

The xreTIME Tag could be seen as an alternative to a TimeTrack giving
you more direct access to retiming Objects from within the Object Manager.

xreTIME is an extended Python version of xTIME found in the SteadyBAKE suite.
xreTIME and xTIME are to separate plugins.