texiX & texiDRIVER

Download the plugins at xfiles

texiX & texiDRIVER Updated to v1.51
Hemisphere bitmap calculations correction

texiX & texiDRIVER are tools to control your texture tags.
texiX is an extended version of the Cinema4D “Fit To Object” Command.
It uses the Bitmap or Shader ratio to correctly fit the material to the object.

texiDRIVER is a Tag that lets you move and scale you material in a controlled way.

For full functionality, do install both plugins and do read the included READ_ME’s.


Download the Python Expressions Scene at xfiles

pPICKER and pPICKER_TP are two basic Python Expressions
for placing an object at a particular Standard- or TP particle.

The download is a c4d scene with examples. You can save the
expression tags to the Content Browser for later use.


Download these plugins at xfiles
R13 Studio Latest needed.

pCONNECTOR and pBUILDER are two plugins for generating Spline segments
or “Strings” between Source objects incl Clones, TP- and Standard Particles,
Splines and PointSelection Tags.

pCONNECTOR generates a true spline for Hair- and S&T renders and Clone treatments.
pBUILDER generates “Strings” (cylinders) as well as clones “Dot input objects”
to the segments.

Please refere to the included READ_ME’s for more details.

xSTOPMO Stop Motion expressions

Download the xSTOPMO example file at xfiles

The file is a c4d scene done in R13 and might work in R12.
The scene includes two key framed objects with two different types
of xSTOPMO expression tags.

xSTOPMO_FIX that should be used for a fixed stop motion value and
should generally not be animated as it is calculating from scene start.
It also have a Offset parameter.
xSTOPMO_VAR with a single step parameter. This one can be animated
to get different steps over time (Varying stop motion). It calculates from
previous frame, so the scene needs to get played/rendered from the same time,
normally the first frame of the scene.

The tags can also be used for the Legacy XRef object.
Tip. Try render with motion blur to get a “tween ghosts” effect!


Download splineGLIDE at xfiles

splineGLIDE lets you morph between splines.
Update v1.11.
Support for splineBOOLE
Update v1.10.
splineGLIDE now additionally can use SplineMasks, Tracers, MoSplines,
Connector Objects as well as other splineGLIDEs as sources for vastly
improved morphing by nesting and keeping things parametric to a greater level.

splineGLIDE Preview H264.

fontGLIDE preview H264

splineGLIDE Nested Fonts preview


Download the SteadyBAKE plugin at xfiles.
Updated to v1.4, R14+ compatible.

SteadyBAKE is the plugin suite for Cinema4D R12 and up
that greatly speed up your work. Included are tools
for PLA- and file baking/playback as well as time remapping

Bake your Object hierarchy to a single PLA animated object
for export and/or maximum playback speed.

Export you Object hierarchy as a PLA object to FileSeries.

Play File series thru the (Legacy)Xref-, Relief-, Vectorizer-, and MoDisplacer Objects
using the formats supported by Cinema4D.

Effectively Time Remap MoCache, PointCache and (Legacy)Xref scenes.

Animate PointObject vertices along Traced splines for extreme
control of timing.

Please refer to the included PDF for in-depth details.

Basic tutorials