xSTOPMO Stop Motion expressions

Download the xSTOPMO example file at xfiles

The file is a c4d scene done in R13 and might work in R12.
The scene includes two key framed objects with two different types
of xSTOPMO expression tags.

xSTOPMO_FIX that should be used for a fixed stop motion value and
should generally not be animated as it is calculating from scene start.
It also have a Offset parameter.
xSTOPMO_VAR with a single step parameter. This one can be animated
to get different steps over time (Varying stop motion). It calculates from
previous frame, so the scene needs to get played/rendered from the same time,
normally the first frame of the scene.

The tags can also be used for the Legacy XRef object.
Tip. Try render with motion blur to get a “tween ghosts” effect!

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